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R & GO


Compatibility: this application works on New Twingo, New Clio, Captur, New Trafic, New Master and Kangoo models fitted with a compatible audio system.R&Go is a highly practical, smart application developed to perfectly integrate with your Renault vehicle. Its 4-key interface - Phone, Multimedia, Vehicle and Navigation - is designed to offer you a new way of using your smartphone / tablet with your Renault, enabling access all the functions of your phone and vehicle, through an ergonomic and intuitive interface!All your communication in your vehicle:- Phone: place and receive calls easily while driving. View your contacts and diary in two clicks. Just received a text message? No problem, the SMS-to-Speech* function reads the message out loud and you keep your eyes on the road, for full safety!- Vehicle: Your vehicle in your phone/tablet: R&Go is connected** to your vehicle using Bluetooth technology. Monitor onboard computer data on your phone or tablet, use the Renault Driving ECO2 functions to ensure you drive economically or turn your phone or tablet into a second dashboard, with a rev counter and gear change alerts.- Media: Listen to the music you like amongst thousands of web radio stations, music on your phone, a USB flash drive or the vehicle radio. You can even find out what is playing, using the "Song ID" function.- Navigation: navigate accurately using the navigation of your choice*** to guide you to your destination. The new shortcut pages allow you easier access to your favourite navigation applications on your phone. R&Go also offers a free trial of an integrated GPS navigation in partnership with CoPilot® Premium. It does not require a 3G connection. Maps**** are loaded into your device and all the functions you need are provided: 3D navigation, Active Traffic™ voice instructions, Clear Turn™ display at complex intersections, radar alerts (depending on the country), speed limit warnings, points of interest with Yelp community information... Choose your navigator, then all that is left is to choose where to go with your Renault! - Customisable homepage: Customize your interface with the shortcut pages available to you. You have access to the full universe of your smartphone within your R&Go application. Mix information you want to display on your homepage - GPS, music, rev counter, radio, etc. Turn your phone or tablet into a second dashboard! Keep important information right in front of you.Enjoy the experience of being at the wheel of your Renault even more!
R&Go must only be used in respect of highway regulations and conditions.NOTES: - Continued use of the GPS function can considerable reduce the battery life of your mobile device. Use the Renault cradle (supplied depending on the vehicle) to recharge it while driving.- Access to social networks, search engines and internet radio requires a mobile internet connection.- For more details about our personal data protection policy, please visit the Renault website.* SMS and SMS-to-Speech are only available on Android systems initially** R&Go/vehicle connection is only available on Renault vehicles equipped with an R&Go Connect radio*** list limited on iOS **** To be purchased in the app (for the R&Go application)